Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Personal Farmers Market

This year I have an over abundance of vegetables (and sunflowers!) in my garden. I have jalapenos and tomatoes growing out my ears! Seeing as I have way too many veggies to eat with my family alone, I decided to set up a little stand in front of my house to sell some! I had quite a large variety of veggies, and I thought all the colors looked so lovely together together. I put all of my produce on a cherry-covered tablecloth (which I thought made my stand look very authentic and country!), made some little baskets of out paper plates, set up a few signs, and opened my Farmers Market!
It was pretty slow business at first, but by the end I made a good chunk of change; so worth the time! :) I also reduced my vegetable count by quite a bit, which was the main goal. I had a lot of fun at my personal Farmers Market, and I might do it again soon! (I still have more veggies growing, haha! x)

Does anybody else have a garden? What do you grow?


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