Sunday, January 11, 2015

Uses for a Secret Compartment

Whilst perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across a DIY for creating a book with a secret compartment. I had nothing better to do that night, so I went sifting through the heaps of discarded books that sit in my basement for one that I would not feel guilty about cutting up. I found one entitled "Hunting Small Game Animals," which my dad must have bought twenty something years ago, who's 6x9 dimensions seemed perfect for my project.

 X-Acto knife in hand, I began cutting equal sized rectangles from the center of the pages (which, may I add, took a very long time because I had to cut about an inch down in total). After successfully carving out the secret compartment, I wrapped the covers up in wrapping paper to conceal the title of the book. I also added some designs around the borders of the pages. 

This book reminds me of something you would see in a mystery movie.There are so many things one can place in it's secret compartment, and then you can just stick it on your bookshelf to conceal them even further. I can imagine the lead heroine of some film using something sneaky like this, and even though I am not a covert spy, I still like the idea of using this to stash things away. 
Here's what I might be putting in my hollow book...

My phone. I even made a little slit for the charger! I know this isn't very secret, but it keeps the cord from getting all tangled up on things.

Bracelets, bobby pins and rings. Why bother spending money on a jewelry box when you can use something unique like a hollow book?!

Pictures and keepsakes. Keep your close memories somewhere hidden where they will never get lost. If you wanted to be extra fancy, you could get a book that has something to do with your memories and hollow that out!

Valuables. This is probably the most obvious use. You can throw money, jewels, passports etc. in the compartment, and then place the book on a shelf with all your other, normal books. 

Pens, pencils and spare keys. Instead of cluttering your desk with pencil holders put your utensils in a book that looks like it would belong there. You could also discretely place a book like this outside your door with a spare key inside for if you ever get locked out. (maybe make the compartment a little more subtle if you do this!)

Cat treats.  My cats are presumably the only ones who do this, but if I leave treats out on the table or something they will claw at the bag until it's open! Now I can just hide them in here, haha! 
(ft. Jazzy who though she was going to get treats)

Things you want to hide from your family.  In my case, chocolate. 

Emily xx


  1. Emily (justalittleblog13)January 11, 2015 at 1:02 PM

    I love this idea! And hiding cat treats from my cat would solve a LOT of issues!

  2. Thank you! It's such a fun little thing to have around :)
    I know how you feel! I hate leaving my cats alone for a day and coming back to an empty bag of treats, haha! Cats are so pesky and tricky, but you just can't stop loving them! x

  3. I LOVE this idea!!! I'm definitely doing this with some of my old books!! :)

  4. Aw, thank you so much! It's such a unique and useful way to recycle books you never read! x

  5. Such a clever idea!

  6. Hey! love your blog and this is such a clever inventive idea!, was wondering if you could check mine out and maybe f4f, just let me know over on my blog thanks xxx

  7. Such a cool idea! You protect those chocolates Emily! haha

    Frankly Frances

  8. Thanks!
    I protected them while they lasted, haha! :) x

  9. Hehe most things are thanks to Pinterest :) they always have so many lovely ideas x

  10. Loved this idea! Definitely will be trying it myself xx

  11. I made one last year and use it to keep vintage jewellery! xx

  12. Ah, that's so cool! I am currently using mine to hold rings and bracelets. They're so great for jewelry, haha! x

  13. It's true! x I adore Pinterest :)